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CMP Live Target Images

Anniston, AL

Camp Perry, OH

Mobile Range

Each of our Marksmanship Centers, including our Mobile Range, contains state-of-the-art electronic targets that instantly record scores as each shot is fired. Shot-by-shot feeds are then displayed online through our Live Target Images and can be viewed anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Air Gun shooting is done at 10 meters and the size of the 10 ring is 0.5mm.  Target is same size as touching this dot: .  Scoring on electronic targets is recorded to the nearest tenth with a 10.9 being the highest score.

Each electronic target is equipped with four microphones; one in each corner of the target.  As the pellet strikes the target, it generates a sound wave that propagates to the microphones.  The sound waves are used to determine the shot location by calculating the amount of time it takes for the sound to reach the microphones.  Each shot is accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter.

To access the Live Target Images, simply click on one of the range links above. Then, click on Target Range you wish to view (Example: Target 1-20, Target 21-40, etc.) by scrolling over one of the red bars with your cursor. View all of the targets in that range or view a single target by clicking on the desired Target number.

The target number is located in the upper left corner of the target image. The competitor’s name and competitor number is located in the top box over the target image, followed by the team name.

The box located to the right of the target image contains the shot number and the score of that shot. An asterisk by the score symbolizes an “X” shot. Towards the bottom, the top box is the total score and X-count for the current position phase. The bottom box, in white, is the shooter’s total score overall.

Green dots on the target image are past shots, while the red dot is the most recent shot.

A yellow triangle in the upper right corner of the target image means the shooter is currently in his or her sighting stage. A target image without a yellow triangle signifies record shots are being fired.




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