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An On the Mark Series by: Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship-Emeritus, is a regular contributor to On The Mark. He served as DCM for 10 years and remains an effective advocate for firearms safety training and rifle practice. Gary’s primary role at CMP has been to develop and sustain successful youth shooting programs at both regional and national levels.




Name of Article
OTM Issue
Rimfire Sporter Shooting, Part II Summer 2014
Rimfire Sporter Shooting, Part I Spring 2014
The Olympic Games Winter 2014
Scoring and Results Operations Fall 2013
Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Learned As A Young Shooter Summer 2013
Shooting As A Lifetime Sport Spring 2013
Conducting Finals Winter 2013
Conducting Competition Firing Fall 2012
The Work of The Range Officer Spring/Summer 2012
Learning to Compete Successfully Winter 2012
Sight Adjustment and Zeroing Fall 2011
Introduction to Target Rifle Marksmanship Summer 2011
Three-Position Shooting--Teaching the First Steps Spring 2011
Mental Performance and Sports Psychology--Teaching the First Steps Winter 2011
How to Practice Fall 2010
Correcting Errors--Solving Challenges for the New Shooter Summer 2010
Teaching Shot Technique to New Shooters December 2009
Teaching the Supported Postition May 2009
Teaching the Sitting Position for BB Gun Shooting March 2009
Teaching the Kneeling Position December 2008
Teaching the Standing Position May 2008
A Primer on Scoring Gauges March 2008
A Plea for Improved Scoring December 2007
An Improved Method for Teaching Prone December 2007
Organize a Junior Rifle Team or Club, Part 1 October 2007
How to Conduct Competitions, Part IV May 2007
How to Conduct Competitions, Part III February 2007
How to Conduct Competitions, Part II December 2006
How to Conduct Competitions, Part I September 2006


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