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National Match Air Rifle

Welcome to America’s Newest Shooting Sport Discipline “National Match Air Rifle”

National Match Air Rifle is a new shooting discipline with something to offer all rifle shooters—NMAR offers three competition classes with real challenges for shooters of all ages and competitive interests NMAR Rifle

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National Match Air Rifle (NMAR) is a new multi-faceted air rifle competition discipline that is fired indoors or outdoors on 10-meter (33 feet) ranges. NMAR events simulate highpower rifle shooting and are fired on reduced highpower rifle targets. NMAR offers both serious, high-level competition for dedicated competitive rifle shooters as well as a recreation-oriented shooting sports activity for new and casual shooters. NMAR objectives are:

  • To offer air rifle competitions that replicate the unique challenges of traditional service and highpower rifle match where competitors do precision and timed fire shooting in three different firing positions, prone, sitting or kneeling and standing. The Match and AR Clone Air Rifle Divisions emphasize this type of shooting competition.

  • To offer accessible, recreation-oriented air rifle competitions for adults and juniors where equipment and accessories are affordable and the courses of fire can successfully be completed by competitors who have had limited marksmanship training and experience. The Sporter Air Rifle Division emphasizes this type of shooting.

The Guide to National Match Air Rifle is a 20-page booklet with NMAR Rules, information on Firing Procedures and Range Commands, Safety Definitions and Regulations, and Range Officer Commands along with information on how to get started in NMAR and how clubs can run NMAR Matches.

NMAR IS A SHOOTING DISCIPLINE YOU SHOULD TRY IF….If you belong to one of the groups described below. NMAR could become your shooting game if you are a:

  • Highpower Rifle Shooter. If you are an active highpower or service rifle shooter, NMAR gives you a chance to practice the same skills with an air rifle during the offseason that you need to compete successfully with your highpower rifle during the summer outdoor season. In NMAR, you use an air rifle that looks and feels like your service or highpower rifle. You also use the same shooting jacket, sling and other equipment that are part of your highpower rifle gear.

  • Adult Air Rifle Shooter. If you are past junior or college age when you fired standing or three-position air rifle and want to continue competitive air rifle shooting, NMAR may be a great way to do that. In NMAR, you can use the same competition air rifle (precision or sporter) you used before, plus you will be shooting a three-position course of fire and targets that could get you involved in highpower rifle, the most popular rifle game in America. You can continue to use your shooting jacket, glove and sling, although special shooting trousers and shooting boots are not legal in NMAR.

  • New Shooter (ages 12-90). If you are a new or inexperienced shooter and are looking for a way to shoot for fun and recreation, NMAR should appeal to you. NMAR is a shooting discipline that features affordable equipment and easy-to-setup-ranges. No form of target shooting is cheaper or easier to start than air gun. If shooting for fun, keeping costs down and not having to buy a bunch of special equipment appeals to you, you should try the NMAR Sporter Class. NMAR is suited for shooters of almost all ages, from juniors who are able to safely handle an air rifle in three-position shooting to adult recreational shooters of all ages.

  • Club Leader. If you are a leader in a shooting club that is looking for a new shooting game to attract more fun-oriented or recreational participants and members or if your club is seeking a way to train highpower rifle shooters in the off-season or if your club wants a game to practice in the winter when outdoor shooting is impossible, you should learn how you can conduct NMAR matches at your shooting club.

HOW DO I GET STARTED IN NMAR? If NMAR sounds like the kind of shooting sports game you would like to try, here are the steps for you to follow to get started practicing NMAR on your own. You’ll like the challenges of regular practice as you try to meet personal goals for improvement and, for many of you, to improve your skills for the summer highpower rifle season.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with NMAR Rules. Read this Guide to become more familiar with the three rifle class options that you can choose from as well as the rules for the two NMAR courses of fire.

  2. Select a Rifle Class. You need to decide which rifle class you want to try first and obtain a suitable air rifle. If you are new to target rifle shooting, the place to start is in the Sporter Class where air rifles are low cost and no special equipment is required or permitted. You can purchase reconditioned Daisy 853 pneumatic air rifles from the CMP for as little as $75. Legal rifles include the Daisy 853, 753, 888 and 887, Crosman Challenger 2009 and AirForce Air Guns Edge. They are generally available from shooting equipment suppliers for less than $500. If you already own a precision air rifle, you can use it in the Match Rifle Class. If you are serious about service rifle shooting you may want to look into obtaining an AR-Clone air rifle that simulates M-16 competition rifles. Contact Pilkington Competition Equipment at for information about these rifles.

  3. Order NMAR Targets. NMAR targets are scaled down reductions of highpower rifle targets. The AR-SR target simulates the 200-yard SR target. The AR-MR target simulates the 600-yard MR target. Order your targets through the CMP Target Sales Program. It’s available through the CMP website at or ordering on-line at the CMP E-Store at

  4. Other Equipment and Supplies. You will need to purchase some training or match grade air gun pellets from a target shooting equipment sales company. Air gun pellets sold at local sporting goods or mass merchandising chains are usually too inaccurate for target shooting. Pilkington sells quality pellets made in the USA. Or you can check with companies like Champions Choice (, Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center ( or Champions Shooters Supply ( If you shoot a sporter air rifle, you won’t need any additional equipment except for a sling and glove. If you have highpower rifle gear, you can use all of that equipment in either the Match or AR-Clone Classes.

  5. Set Up an Air Rifle Range. To get started shooting on your own or with a few friends and family members, find a space in your basement, garage or utility room that is about 40 feet long. You need 33 feet for the firing distance plus additional space for the target backstop and firing points. Target backstops can range all the way from cardboard boxes filled with newspapers to top commercial air gun ranges like the Creedmoor Portable Air Gun Range.

  6. Start Shooting. With a rifle, targets and range, begin a regular program of practice. Start with the 20-shot Standing Course on the AR-SR target. If you want assistance in building your firing positions and learning proper firing technique, there is good starter information on standing and prone in the CMP’s Teaching Rifle Positions to New Shooters. It’s written for juniors, but it applies to everyone. Your practice will be more fun if you invite members of your family or friends to join with you.

  7. Look for NMAR Matches. There will soon be a new website that will enable individual NMAR shooters from all over the country to compete with each other over the Internet for bragging rights and national rankings. Watch the CMP’s Shooters News email releases for announcements. The National Matches Air Gun Events that take place each year at Camp Perry, Ohio in July and August offer NMAR competitions that have already attracted hundreds of competitors during the last two years. It is expected that more and more clubs will begin to offer these matches as well.

Shooting clubs and groups like veterans organizations will want to consider adopting NMAR as a shooting sports activity that they can do in their facility, especially during the winter when outdoor shooting is not possible. Clubs with air gun ranges or places where they can set up air gun ranges are eligible to start organizing NMAR matches now. Again, start bystudying this Guide and especially the “Firing Procedures and Range Officer Commands” that must be used to conduct these matches. NMAR matches can be restricted to one rifle class or be open to all three. And these matches can be sanctioned by the CMP, download the NMAR Sanction Application.

CMP Achievement Awards
Match sponsors may purchase NMAR Achievement Pins from the CMP. These pins can then be presented to shooters who fire qualifying NMAR achievement award scores.

If you have questions regarding the NMAR Match Program, contact Lue Sherman at or 419-635-2141 ext 1107.


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