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Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Clinics. This two-hour clinic will cover the Garand-Springfield-Vintage Matches with classroom instruction and demonstrations. This clinic is conducted by the CMP. Topics include Springfield-Vintage Military Match rules, shooting positions and techniques, scoring and pit pulling procedures and how to fire the Military Rifle Match courses of fire. The clinic is open to all competitors. Any competitors in the Springfield, Vintage Military or Garand Matches who have not previously fired in one of these matches are required to attend a clinic before they fire. All other competitors in these matches are encouraged to attend and take advantage of the information presented.

M1 Garand/M1903 Rifle Maintenance Class. CMP armorers will present the two-hour clinic on the disassembly, assembly and maintenance of M1 Garand and M1903 Springfield rifles. Special attention will be given to accurizing steps that can be taken with these rifles and still keep them legal for firing in CMP sanctioned As-Issued Military Rifle Matches.

Hornady Reloading Clinics. Hornady Manufacturing of Grand Island, NE, one of the nation’s leading producers of match grade bullets and reloading equipment, will offer four reloading clinics during the National Trophy Rifle Matches this summer. David Emary, Chief Ballistics Scientist at Hornady, will conduct the classes. Three Basic Reloading classes will teach reloading safety and beginning techniques. Two Advanced Reloading classes will teach higher level reloading techniques with specific applications for service and match rifle ammunition. The size of each class is limited to 20 students. There is $20.00 registration fee for each class. Pre-registration is required for these events. You can sign up on line through the CMP National Matches Rifle on-line registration system at the same time you register for National Trophy Rifle Matches. Junior shooters who are interested in learning how to get started in reloading are especially encouraged to attend the Basic Reloading classes.

Infantry Trophy Clinic. This clinic is taught by the U. S. Marine Corps Rifle Team and includes both classroom instruction on Infantry Trophy firing techniques. Anyone who plans to shoot in the Infantry Team Match for the first time is strongly encouraged to attend this clinic on the rules and procedures for this unique team event.

Advanced Adult Service Rifle Clinic. The Advanced Adult Service Rifle Clinic offers advanced instruction in service rifle competition techniques. Members of the Remington-Bushmaster Team will teach the clinic. The CMP is providing administrative support for the clinic. Kenneth Roxburgh, a retired US Marine will be the lead instructor. He is the former Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the USMC Shooting Teams, and current Director of Remington’s Highpower Programs. The clinic includes classroom instruction and coached dry-firing practice. The registration fee is $20.00 for adults and $15.00 for juniors. Registration is limited to 75 shooters. Participants in the clinic must bring their own service rifles and shooting equipment. They will receive Clinic T-shirt and certificate.

Rimfire Clinic. Clinic instruction covers Rimfire Sporter rules, safety instructions and competition procedures. The clinic also offers instruction and demonstrations on how to shoot the Rimfire Sporter course of fire. Clinic instruction will cover the firing positions, use of the sling as well as slow and rapid-fire techniques. Shooters who have not previously attended a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match are strongly encouraged to attend the clinic.

Highpower Clinics at Eastern & Western Games. This free shooting clinic will be conducted by Members of Team Remington and will offer lectures and demonstrations by some of the worlds leading highpower service rifle competitors. There will be plenty of instructors, as well as dry fire training with lots of hands-on coaching. Dry-fire training will be conducted on the range. Participants need to bring all shooting equipment and firearms, without ammo.

USMC Junior Highpower Clinic. The CMP-USMC Junior Highpower Rifle Clinic offers advanced instruction in service rifle competition techniques. Members of the U. S. Marine Corps Rifle Team teach the clinic. The CMP provides administrative support for the clinic. The clinic includes classroom instruction and range firing at 200, 300 and 600 yards. It is open to junior highpower rifle shooters who have previous service rifle competition experience. Juniors who are new to highpower rifle shooting are required to attend a Rifle SAFS first before registering for the USMC Clinic. The registration fee is $30.00. Registration is limited to 160 juniors. Participants in the clinic must bring their own rifles and shooting equipment. They will receive ammunition for clinic firing activities, a USMC Clinic T-shirt and certificate and a pizza party at the end of the clinic.

Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship. Experienced coaches and instructors from the United States Marine Corps Rifle Team and military personnel will be conducting clinics for both new and experienced junior shooters. Instruction in both shooting individual matches and shooting as a member of a coached team will also be provided. This week long program is offered to provide junior shooters an opportunity to expand their current level of knowledge, experience and expertise. It is also an opportunity for junior shooters to come together to experience the each other’s company and to form bonds of friendship and camaraderie within the sport. For additional information, please visit

Junior Air Rifle Clinic, Camp Perry Open. During the Camp Perry Open held each January at Camp Perry (Port Clinton, Ohio) there will be a clinic for interested school-aged junior shooters. Those wishing to attend should pre-register. There is a limit of 50 junior shooters for this clinic. There will be on-the-line training provided by the members of the U. S. National/Development Team, as well as from the Army Marksmanship Team. Shooters will be randomly assigned to work with instructors. The culmination of this event will be a 20 shot standing competition. This is a very popular event, so register early if you are interested!



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